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7 Toddler Toys I've Nearly Killed Myself On

By Danielle |

Nothing like stubbing your toe on a Fire truck at 2am!

Toys… EVERYWHERE! They have taken my house over!  We don’t have the biggest house out there, so our living room is virtually the playroom for the boys. I try to contain toys, and the mess to their bedroom, but unfortunately it just never happens.

Actually we tried to go toy-free in our living room last week but it lasted about 6 hours.

So in a moment of humor combined with slight frustration, I came up with this list of toys that I nearly kill myself on while wandering to the bathroom, in the very dark hallway, in the middle of the night.

You know you have been there, too… it’s the middle of the night and you feel like you either need to get up and pee or you are going to explode.  But you are so comfortable you don’t want to move. And you know just the 30 steps is a virtual war path because you have no idea what you are going to encounter.   Yeah… We have all been there!

So I started to put a little list together of my most deadly and annoying after midnight toys.  Now mind you, before you jump in and start viewing… I will remind you that most of these I have encountered while pretty largely pregnant with our youngest child who was born in April, making the experiences a little bit more hellish than normal.

Parents chime in!   What are your most hated after midnight death trap toys you wish you would never see again?


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7 Toddler Toys I Nearly Kill Myself On After Midnight

1- Fire Trucks!

They are everywhere in my house... I can't get away from them! I think they actually have more fire trucks than all the Fire Departments in Connecticut combined!

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Matchbox cars – spils
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21 thoughts on “7 Toddler Toys I've Nearly Killed Myself On

  1. Monica says:

    Sorry can’t relate because my children clean up their toys before bed. You might want to try making that a part of your bedtime routine. Set a time and have them beat the clock. Now is the best time to teach them how to be responsible for their belongings. Anything that’s left out when they go to bed then becomes mine when I do my straightening up before bed.

  2. Danielle says:

    @Monica – Cleaning up our toys is our after dinner/before bed routine. Unfortunately, like in many houses, a toy gets left out here or there… It happens. Of course no one is perfect.

  3. Bridget says:

    I don’t have the stepping on toys problem (usually) but I do have a talking toy problem. I went out to the kitchen one night to make a cup of tea. I was dark and late and I was cranky. Nels has a talking dog that is SUPER SENSITIVE. I’m making my tea and all of a sudden I hear “I see you” in a creepy sing-song voice coming from the living room. I nearly lost it!

  4. Monica says:

    Which is why my before bed routine includes me going through the house and picking up whatever is missed and picking up whatever I or my husband have left out and putting it away. It’s not about being perfect. In 12 years of being a parent I haven’t tripped over toys in the middle of the night. So just saying I can’t relate and thought maybe you would like some advice on how to avoid such things. You said you know you have been there too, but the truth of the matter is no I have not. Never said I was perfect, just that I get my kids involved in cleaning and what they miss becomes mine when I clean.

  5. Danielle625 says:

    @Bridget – I know exactly what dog that is too! We had one with our oldest that magically disappeared only a month into owning it. Talk about creepy!

  6. Leigh says:

    Wow. I like this post a lot, because I’m CONSTANTLY tripping over things. Not even just toys! One of the dogs, my mom’s shoes, the corner of the table… even in broad daylight.
    @Monica…. we should change the name of the site to Because I’m pretty sure Danielle was making a generalization. Considering you believe you are the only person this post was going to reach, maybe you should try taking a Xanax and relaxing a bit. I don’t think Danielle was criticizing the condition of your house and I don’t believe your “advice” was meant to “teach” her anything, so much as it was meant to demean and demoralize her. In theory, your little attempt to make the author look like an idiot was good, but I think you’ll eventually see, if you re read your comments, that you make yourself out to be the idiot here. Such a snarky comment was completely unnecessary.

  7. Amy says:


  8. Beth says:

    I love this post. Mr. Potato Head seems to be the most painful!

  9. tori says:

    I don’t have a problem with toys too much, but I have walked into the end of the crib and fallen so hard I ended up with a rug burned from the carpet.

  10. carrie says:

    For us its fire trucks as well… all shapes and sizes.

  11. Betsy says:

    Ohh my I can relate to all these toys.. lol that and the added stepping on the cat’s tale in the dark or tripping over the Horse dog I have. I fear walking thur the kid’s toy room ever cause its littered with all the above mentioned.. :)

  12. Amy says:

    You name it, I’ve tromped on it in the middle of the night. Last night, it was a talking Lightning McQueen at 2:15 a.m.

    I’m a natural klutz, so I run into stuff even when it’s been put away in its proper place — like the wobbly penguin toy that hoots, “Woo-hoo-hoo-HOO!” and plays a jingle when you brush against it.

    I’ve learned to slide my feet on the way to the bathroom …

  13. Dana says:

    I stepped on a rattle when my 14 year old was a baby. Cracked a bone in my foot. We pick up everything before bed now lol I also run the vacuum before bed every night so nothing gets missed. If it does, at least it gets pushed under the couch!

  14. Meghan says:

    Try the plastic heavy-duty toy dinosaurs. Those suckers hurt. My son has a T-rex that I swear weighs 5 lbs and blends into the carpet and some how we always manage stepping on his sharp front hands or teeth.

  15. holly says:

    i can’t believe you don’t have those vicious little green army men on your list! have you ever full-on stepped on one of those? ouch, ouch, ouch!! try it. i dare you.

  16. CNicole says:

    While I haven’t had any middle of the night stepping on toys (most of the toys stay in the basement playroom) I have stepped on things on the way to the laundry room (I have to go through the playroom to get to it) and I think the worst that was not mentioned has to be jacks (marbles are bad too).

  17. Alanna says:

    I once stepped on one of those little hot wheel type motorcycles my son has… let me tell you…. those little metal handlebars are deadly! It literally stuck in my foot and I had to pull it out. Needless to say, it disappeared from our house the next day.

  18. Murzda says:

    My kids are older now and I don’t generally have this problem anymore, but some girl toys are horrid too. I can’t count the number of Bratz accessories I’ve stepped on in the middle of the night or in the day since they are rather small and are generally missed when the kids pick up.

  19. Tiffany says:

    Army toys… yep those suck. How about Rocky and Stinky the talking garbage truck. Not only painful but loud enough to wake the kids. I gave up and told the kids if they can’t clean up the toys (at least in the walkway) they are going in the garbage. Most hated? My sons helicopter. It’s big and bulking and no matter what something is sticking out at any angle. When he wakes up with a nightmare or something (bedtime potty training, yeah fun waking up and changing bedsheets at 2am) I trip on that in his room.

  20. Angie Winters says:

    This story is slightly different than the others…. we are grandparents now and had purchased one of those wind-up swings with the 4 tubular legs to keep at our house for the grandbabies. We have always used the side door entrance into our utility room and thru the kitchen INSTEAD of the front door. If someone comes to our front door, they are strangers! One night after the grandbaby and their parents (Our daughter/sonlaw) had left, I pushed the baby swing over in the foyer to the front door for use again the next day… thought it would be easier than taking it to the office. Late that night, I always go around to check the doors to make sure they are locked. I had had the front door open to let in sunlight earlier and FORGOT the baby swing was there, fell over it, into it and flipped it over with me in it, couldn’t get out of it, bruised up, skint up and needed help getting it off me! Those are good burglar alarms! I was sore for days!!!

  21. Anita says:

    Such a good post – thanks for sharing – made me laugh :) . For me the ultimate toy-not-to-step-on has got to be those bead mazes – as in We have a small one that is just the right size for a foot-trap. The most painful toy which my husband, son, and myself have all managed to hurt ourselves on. Keep a close eye on that one ;)

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