8 Things Other People Taught My Toddler

merry go roundDo you remember where you learned the phrase “I’ll be your best friend!!” in that sing-songy annoying manipulative voice? Me neither, but I knew it, and I used it. Now my toddler does too, much to my dismay. The more my toddler goes out into the world, the more exposed he gets to ‘stuff.’

I have no intentions of sheltering him in any way, and I want him to experience life not just from me and his Dad, but from his teachers and his peers. Since the Shnook has started school, he’s already come home with lots of new games, quotes, songs, and ideas.  Most of these are really awesome, and I’m glad he’s learning them. Others, well, I guess it’s inevitable.  Here are some I didn’t teach my toddler, but somehow, he learned anyway.

This where I really need to learn how to let go, right? What has your toddler learned that you didn’t teach him or her?

  • Ring Around The Rosy 1 of 8
    Ring Around The Rosy
    When Shnook came home singing this one, I could only think "It ain't gonna be me to tell him what this song is really about."
  • I WIN!! 2 of 8
    I WIN!!
    We never talked about competition in our house, at least not for the first three years of his life.
  • Just Kidding, Mom! 3 of 8
    Just Kidding, Mom!
    This one is really annoying.
  • Eenie Meenie Miny Moe 4 of 8
    Eenie Meenie Miny Moe
    I actually think this is super cute. I have no idea how or when I learned this little rhyme, but the Shnook loves it and says it to no one in particular.
  • Secrets 5 of 8
    I'm not sure the word "secret" has ever been uttered by one of us, but now he's all about secrets.
  • Tag! You’re It! 6 of 8
    Tag! You're It!
    We actually played an awesome game of tag the other day with his cousins, and I didn't have to tell him any of the rules...except: No Tag Backs!!
  • Duck Duck Goose Star Wars 7 of 8
    Duck Duck Goose Star Wars
    It's not the duck duck goose part of this that disturbs me. I know kids that are three and four have seen Star Wars, but I think my kid is too young. I mean, Luke Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Yoda???
  • Monsters 8 of 8
    It was bound to happen. "I'm a MONSTER!!!!" Who told you about those, dude??

Image Credits:
Monkeys: Flickr/Jinterwas
Girl Pointing: Flickr/Yourdon
Laughing Boy: Flickr/Xeubix
Monster: Flickr/autum_bliss
Running Ninjas: Flickr/Stevendepolo
Ducks and Storm Trooper: Flickr/JD Hancock
Silhouette: Flickr/Ajusticenetwork
Racing Kids: Flickr/Emeryjl
Merry Go Round: Flickr/Esther Gibbons

Article Posted 4 years Ago
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