9 Totally Uncalled For Meltdowns

Don't wipe his nose!

Toddlers have to be the most unreasonable people on earth.

The meltdowns and temper tantrum over simple tasks, and actions have become comical and amusing to me over the past couple weeks because I just have to stop and ask myself… is he for real?

I mean some of the stuff is as simple as trying to wipe dirt off his face. Incase you didn’t know my Benjamin we have nicknamed pig pen… we could put him to bed after a bath and in the morning he will look like we was out playing in the mud.  I am still trying to figure out how or why!

So I thought I would share some of the most comical meltdowns I have experienced in the past couple weeks…

Make sure you have peed, and have some tissues because you will either piss your pants laughing or need something to dry the tears…

  • Stopping for a Red Light 1 of 5
    Stopping for a Red Light
    Yes, I had to deal with a meltdown for actually stopping for a red traffic light.
    You know... the ones you are supposed to stop for!
    All I heard from the third row of my minivan was "GO MOMMY!" Um... Dear child... the red ones you have to stop for! Photo Credit
  • Changing a Song on the Radio 2 of 5
    Changing a Song on the Radio
    You wouldn't believe the shrieks I get out of the third row when I change the channel on the radio in the car!
    I am a channel surfer... I admit it, but I even have the speakers off in the back!
    If there is something they want to listen to, or just a catchy song on the radio I have to listen to it...
    Or listen to screams! Photo Credit
  • What Do You Want For Dinner? 3 of 5
    What Do You Want For Dinner?
    Every night when it comes time for dinner it has to be a cheeseburger.
    Of course I don't give into it every night but I brace for a meltdown when I serve the kiddo something other than a cheese burger with "matato" on it. Photo Credit
  • MY BLANKIE! 4 of 5
    Ben has a blanket. It was Camden's when he was a baby, but as he got older we didn't have the need to use a blanket every where we went.
    Well Ben latched onto it as a baby and still drags it around everywhere like Linus!
    Try and take it from him... GOOD LUCK!
    You MAY lose a finger!
  • I Wanna Blog! 5 of 5
    Ben wants his own blog...
    No joke!
    He asks me every day while he is trying to type on my laptop...
    Of course when I won't let him place with the pricey piece electronics... it turns into a meltdown.

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