A Hospital Bullies A Mom And She Fights Back

Diana & her toddler daughter, Bella.

You may know Diana Stone from her blog, Hormonal Imbalances(hey, she’s on Ree Drummond’s personal blog roll!)

Or maybe you know her from Babble’s Being Pregnant Blog.

Maybe you were just introduced to her in the past few days after seeing a Tweet or Facebook comment regarding her risky twin pregnancy.

Either way, I’m glad you know Diana because she’s a dear friend of mine and one hell of a momma.

After an awful pregnancy with her daughter Bella (now 2 1/2 years old), Diana and her Army husband decided to expand their family one more time…with the shocking result of identical twin boys.  Diana endured a grueling first trimester of exhuastion and hyperemesis gravidarum, doing her best to stay calm and continue to be a great toddler momma.  On Friday morning, Diana sent me a text that she was losing the boys – her water broke, she was only 18 weeks, and there was no hope.  I sat at my desk and sobbed.  This couldn’t be happening, not to Diana. Later that evening, an update shot through that she decided not to induce and terminate the pregnancy.  While amniotic fluid leaked at a steady rate, the boys were not in distress and she was not in labor.  In Diana’s heart, there was hope and fight left.  To her doctors, she was “hysterical” and berated for personal beliefs, even being told that she was taking up an expensive hospital bed.

The momma bear in me roared.  It roared louder throughout the social media sphere as her story went viral.  It roared loudest in Diana.

Suddenly, her story was viral – a twin momma desperate to fight for her boys and a hospital telling her to “give up.”  It’s a complex tale of a mother’s love, the right to choose, and the medical war on women.

What I find most impressive in this entire story, even knowing Diana well after several years of friendship, is the absolute pure love Diana feels for her boys.  To protect them and care for them, even if it means risking her own life.  This is her job as a momma and I think her story resonates with so many of us for that reason – if it were our choice to risk ourselves for our children, would we do it?  Could we do it in the face of controversy and challenge?

All mommas know that moment where inner strenght pours over your soul, nearly lighting your skin on fire until you’re not sure whether it’s fear or anger or adrenaline pushing you forward, but you go in to fight.  To fight for your child, whether you’ve just watched your toddler be pushed down on the playground or a rude comment made by a passing stranger or a doctor berating the care you choose.

It’s the momma bear in us and she roars loudly.

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Beth Anne writes words & takes pictures on The Heir to Blair.
You can also find her on the Twitters & Facebook.


Article Posted 4 years Ago
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