A Lovely Day


On Saturday, I woke up and we made a hot breakfast of biscuits and gravy (Southern favorites for my Southern boys). At 9am, Doug pushed me out the door because he’d made me an appointment to have a “spa morning,” complete with massage and pedicure.  My husband always teases me that I was a cat in a former life for how much I love to be touched – sometimes I lie my head down on his lap and ask him to pet me like a cat, to which he just laughs.

I hopped down the road by myself and pulled into a little spa where I was greeted with a cup of tea and soft music.  For the next three hours, I was pampered and brushed and rubbed.  The manicurist told me I had runner’s feet .  Then I ran home to change clothes to attend the baby shower of a dear friend of mine who waited several years to welcome her little girl.  A baby shower is such a beautiful way to spend Mother’s Day weekend as a way to reflect back on pregnancy and that anticipation and joy.

On Sunday morning, the boys let me sleep in and it was GLORIOUS.  Finally at 9am, I woke up to find Harrison sitting beside me in bed, holding a pink card.  He had even scribbled on the front as a two-year-old’s attempt at the work “Mom” and it made my heart flip-flop happily.  It was a funny card – my husband is notorious for picking out cards that make me laugh instead of sap.  Then they handed me a little box with a necklace in it, made by my husband’s sister.  (She has an Etsy shop as a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis!)

I spent the entire day working on a Mother’s Day gift for my own mother – an embroidered table cloth that her mother started but wasn’t able to finish before she passed away.  I found it and decided to complete it – which meant I spent over six hours straight embroidering on Sunday!  My mother was thrilled when I handed it to her – it was great to give such a meaningful gift that ties all of our generations together.

I think that’s the beauty of Mother’s Day – just a simple day to reflect upon what makes us mommas, the love we have, and how it ties us all together.

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