A Perfectly Sparkly, Cozy Family Snow Day (PHOTOS)

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll

My family lives at the base of a mountain in Western Colorado, so snow is hardly a novelty. It’s our reality sometimes as early as September or October and lasting sometimes as late as May or June.

Still, a few times each season we get a snow fall that’s just the right kind of perfect. The kind that takes our breath away with it’s soft and sparkling beauty. The other kinds are nice, too, but when you have so many of them, they tend to be like white noise after a while (minus the noise, of course).

This weekend we had one of those kinds of snow falls that made us stop and just sit and stare for a while. When it was almost done coming down, I took my girls, Peony, 1, and Petunia, 4, outside in our backyard for a little snow play. They were more interested in eating the snow than playing in it, but I suppose when you’re 1 and 4, that’s a form of play, too.

Take a look:

  • Checking Out the Scenery 1 of 10
    Checking Out the Scenery
    It's awfully white.
  • Getting Used to Her Surroundings 2 of 10
    Getting Used to Her Surroundings
    It's kind of cold, too
  • Getting the Lay of the Land 3 of 10
    Getting the Lay of the Land
    And it's pretty soft.
  • A Midwinter Day’s Nap 4 of 10
    A Midwinter Day's Nap
    As good a place to rest as any.
  • Snack Time 5 of 10
    Snack Time
    Zero calories.
  • Toddlers Love Company 6 of 10
    Toddlers Love Company
    Especially from their big sisters.
  • Good Times 7 of 10
    Good Times
  • Despite Appearances to the Contrary . . . 8 of 10
    Despite Appearances to the Contrary . . .
    . . . We do actually feed our children real food, too.
  • Snow Just Tastes Good 9 of 10
    Snow Just Tastes Good
    It looks good, too.
  • Snowy and Cozy 10 of 10
    Snowy and Cozy
    Is there a better kind of day?

Photo credits: Meredith Carroll

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