A Toddler on Twitter?

So you’re on Twitter, hanging out with your momma friends and stalking celebrities and talking about the latest trends in fashion, world politics, and potty training?  Two thumbs up!

I happen to be an absolute nerd over Twitter; I love it so much that I check it more than Facebook and spend a great deal of time connecting with friends, both of the real and internet variety.  I’m not ashamed to say that it’s where I get most of my breaking news — Twitter tends to hear about things way faster than CNN and I can follow a hashtag to get up-to-the-minute news.  It’s also a fantastic way to prep for blog conferences by chatting about sessions and roommates and folks to grab a taxi from the airport.  It’s even a great way to just have fun, which was evident today when my girlfriends and I were discussing which Babysitters Club character we liked best.

1992, I hear you calling.  You were awesome.

But there’s a newer face on the Twitters that has all of us toddler mommas rolling — it’s Honest Toddler and he’s keeping it real from the diapers to the meals:

  • A new take on PMS. 1 of 12
    A new take on PMS.
    Yep, my toddler has it.
  • Hipster mom. 2 of 12
    Hipster mom.
    I'm guilty of this one.
  • What baby weight? 3 of 12
    What baby weight?
    Everyone knows that food is the yummiest when it comes from another plate.
  • Unconditional love. 4 of 12
    Unconditional love.
    Even when the toddler smacks the momma in the face with a plastic toy.
  • The elves are watching. 5 of 12
    The elves are watching.
    & it's creepy like whoa.
  • Framing the feline. 6 of 12
    Framing the feline.
    Good thing toddlers learn to point by 15 months.
  • You think DiVinci’s momma did this to his masterpieces? 7 of 12
    You think DiVinci's momma did this to his masterpieces?
    I think not.
  • Wanted the female version. 8 of 12
    Wanted the female version.
    He probably raised hell over it, too.
  • Damn, it feels good to be a gangster. 9 of 12
    Damn, it feels good to be a gangster.
    Getting favorited into top tweets.
  • It’s magic. 10 of 12
    It's magic.
    Trust nobody.
  • Snack mommy. 11 of 12
    Snack mommy.
    She carries fruit snacks & honey nut cheerios & Capri Sun.
  • Kick to the kidneys. 12 of 12
    Kick to the kidneys.
    Usually at 6am, amirite?

Want more?  Follow @HonestToddler on Twitter!

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Beth Anne writes words & takes pictures on The Heir to BlairYou can also find her on the Twitters & Facebook.

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