A Toddler Walks Into an Apple Store...


Remember the Blind Melon video with the little girl in the bee costume who finally feels understood when she finds the meadow with all the other people in bee costumes?

That was Mazzy walking into the Apple store.

Greetings from her homeland.

You couldn’t have expected a better reaction if she had stumbled into a room full of Sesame Street characters handing out free cupcakes.

My daughter’s love of the iPad has been well-documented.

And although, we let her use it for the entirety of a five hour plane trip (it was a godsend!), we have been making definite improvements in limiting her time with it, otherwise.

For one thing, I keep it high up on a shelf in my closet. Out of sight, out of mind.

Except every once in awhile, she’ll take my hand and say excitedly, “Let’s go find the iPad!”

Sometimes, I lead her to it. (You try resisting THAT FACE!)

Moderation is everything, right?

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