A Walking Baby Means That the Baby Is a Toddler...

Little WalkerRight?

I probably should get used to this fact, right?

My baby girl is a toddler. It’s official. One who walks, talks and sauces.

One who is already rocking 2T clothing and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

*Big sigh*

It’s a natural, everyday occurrence, this growing thing. Yet, it just tweaks our mama heartstrings, doesn’t it? I’m happy really, that my little diva is roaming free; she’s standing taller and prouder than ever before.

I’m celebrating in the development of our darling lass who charms all whom she meets. It’s just that I’ve gotten rather used to having babies about and as I’ve mentioned before, there is this ominous calm in the fact that we may very well be done with the making of any new ones. Calming because of course, it means there is an end in sight to the challenges that come with bringing anew life in to the world and into one’s family.

Ominous because I rather fancied having 3. Having a big ‘ole family. A part of me already feels the emptiness for that third child, the one who I’ll probably not have, given the desires of my partner. Sounds kind of ridiculous to mourn a child that was never created, or to feel sad as my little girl meets each new milestone with agility, feist and feminin grace.

It’s just that I hear this door closing, and everything ‘they’ say, about it all moving lightening fast, it’s true. We roll our eyes at our elders when they tell us to cherish these small moments, but they are right. Why do we hate it when they are right? One day we’ll be  like them, our elders. Parents of this generation, we’re on our way, no matter we spin it.

I suppose these random yet delicately connected thoughts have their purpose.

Out with the old in with the new.

A purpose in being that my own words cause me to pause and reflect on the reality of my life as it is right now. To pause and take joy in how things are, not wishing for how I thought they might be.

My little girl is going to give me run for my money with all of this walking business anyways, so I might as well pander around in my thoughts while I can. Because two wild toddlers running a-muck? As if I’ll have time for such thoughts of reflection any more. As if. (Well maybe if I rose to greet the sun. Working on that.)

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