A Week of Vacation

I have incredibly fond memories of “Christmas vacation” as a little girl. My mom was a stay-at-home mom, but she still managed to make the days surrounding Christmas feel extra-special, even when we were really young and used to being home all day.

We made cookies and had hot breakfast and spent time watching Christmas movies beyond our usual television time. She’d let us stay up late and make popcorn and have “sleepovers” in the playroom. These memories are some of my favorites.

When I found out that my company gave us Christmas vacation, actual real time off other than Christmas Day, I nearly fainted with joy. Thanks to my office and boss, I got 11 days straight with my little guy at the most magical time of the year.

We tried to make it a good one — I’m not sure what the next year holds for us or if I will ever get the same kind of time with him, so I wanted something that even if he didn’t remember, we could look back at pictures and know that we made the most of it.

  • Winter walks 1 of 13
    Winter walks
    Almost every day, we bundle up and head outdoors for a walk in the neighborhood trails.
  • Baking cookies 2 of 13
    Baking cookies
    We made treats for Christmas and the neighbors - cake chews, cookies, Buckeyes, fudge....
  • Lunch in bed 3 of 13
    Lunch in bed
    Spaghetti in bed while watching Cars? Sure, why not. It's vacation!
  • So many puzzles 4 of 13
    So many puzzles
    He is definitely my child - he LOVES puzzles! Santa brought EIGHT new ones, and we've mastered a few old ones.
  • Dance Party 5 of 13
    Dance Party
    We had a "date night in" with a favorite little family. The adults had beverages and supper while the boys ran wild. It was so much fun!
  • Snuggles 6 of 13
    Loads of these. Blankets of forts while we watch movies, naps, and wrestling on the floor.
  • Out to dinner 7 of 13
    Out to dinner
    We went out with our extended family for a birthday dinner. It was fun to dress up a little and Harry is doing great with manners in a restaurant.
  • Christmas morning 8 of 13
    Christmas morning
    No shock here - this was a highlight. Santa brought the monster trucks he asked for and he was a happy (overwhelmed!) little boy.
  • Letting Harry pick a lunch date 9 of 13
    Letting Harry pick a lunch date
    We've done most of our eating at home, but I let Harry pick one day where we went on a momma/son lunch date. He chose Chick Fil A. I remember doing the same with my mom (I always chose McDonald's!)
  • A little discipline 10 of 13
    A little discipline
    Yep, there were some tears and time-outs, but that's actually nice in a weird way. It's good for me to get to discipline him during the day.
  • Swingers 11 of 13
    I taught Harrison how to use a "big boy swing" this week. It's adorable watching him "pump" his legs.
  • Playdoh is king 12 of 13
    Playdoh is king
    What is with toddlers and playdoh? I kind of hate the stuff, but he loves it so it was a constant fixture on the kitchen table this week, especially on rainy days!
  • Just a lot of this 13 of 13
    Just a lot of this
    I love him. I love him, love him, love him. Thanks for an awesome week, little buddy.

If you get a Winter Break, do you have anything planned?

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