Across Four Aprils


Total play on book titles…did you ever read Across Five Aprils?  If not, you totally should.

Okay, that’s enough book-nerding for now.

Lately I have been looking over at Harrison and wondering where my baby went and who dropped off this little boy in his place.  He’s talking more and running and jumping, laughing at jokes and making little friends.  It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, he was all about Little People and now he cannot live without Matchbox Cars.  I put away his “touch and feel” books and now we read word books.  And that is just from last year!  Two years ago he was still napping twice per day and drinking out of bottles.

See how Harrison has grown over the past years…

  • April 2009 1 of 4
    April 2009
    Harry in uterus!
  • April 2010 2 of 4
    April 2010
    A trip to the park with my new little guy.
  • April 2011 3 of 4
    April 2011
    Easter Sunday on a family farm.
  • April 2012 4 of 4
    April 2012
    Park playdate with Momma!

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