And Then UPS Delivered a Box

My name is Vivi, and I take boxes seriously.Both my kids (and cats) are equal opportunity box players. Vivi likes to stand on them, Addie likes to make airplanes out of them and the cats like to jump in and out of them. I can remember loving boxes as a kid but it’s so rare that really good box comes into your life. Fridge boxes are the gold standard, with other appliance boxes in a close second. Thursday afternoon my doorbell rang at 9 am and the rest of the afternoon was taken care of for me because UPS delivered a box.

A big beautiful box made of super sturdy cardboard that has managed to keep both girls entertained all weekend. (What was inside the box? A new drum for my dryer, long story, let’s focus on the box!)

Since Addie was at school when the box came, Vivi got first dibs on box playing and decorating domination.

This was Vivi’s first experience with a box this big. Peek a boo was played first, then she pulled the packing sheets in and out making various furniture and beds that she would climb up and down on. She tried a few other things in it but in the end she just preferred sitting in the box. Alone.

  • Yay a box! 1 of 8
    Yay a box!
    It's big enough I can walk in and out of it! I don't have to fight anyone for it and YAY A BOX!
  • Just sittin’ in a box. 2 of 8
    Just sittin' in a box.
    No big deal. Just sitting here like cool toddlers do. Monster jammies, in a box, on some padding. What's up?
  • Oh hey kitty! 3 of 8
    Oh hey kitty!
    You like my box too? I'll bet you do. Have you ever seen such a big box?
  • Come play kitty! 4 of 8
    Come play kitty!
    OH HEY! Where are you going kitty? COME PLAY IN THE BOX WITH ME!
  • Cat battling. 5 of 8
    Cat battling.
    Okay, so maybe I wanted to play with the other cat, but you're trouble. All you want to do is sleep in my box, I'm onto you Wink and I'm not falling for it.
  • Locking up. 6 of 8
    Locking up.
    No orange cat is going to be sleeping in here without my permission. See these doors? I AM THE DOOR MASTER.
  • Restyling 7 of 8
    Yeah, this blue plastic stuff is cool to sit on but it's loud and clashes, let's make way for better furnishings.
  • Decorating 8 of 8
    PERFECT! A little footstool for a big box. You like that cat? Well you can't sit on it. Just me. You can still come in here, it's that orange cat that's trouble.

As soon as Addie came in the door she claimed the box as hers, drew unicorns, goblins and flowers all over it and asked me to make a window and a skylight. I know I can’t just keep a box in my living room forever, but it’s such a sweet box, I’m not sure I have the heart to toss it off to recycling anytime soon.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago
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