Another Week In the Toddler and Momma Insta-Life


d51efbe272e511e2a7ed22000a1f8f24_6People, it has been an awesome week.

And by awesome, I mean HOW IS IT ONLY WEDNESDAY?! Doesn’t it feel like it should definitely be Friday now, based on the pace of the days?  This week has been a classic “days are long, years are fast” thing and I am already itching for the weekend.

We had a fantastic weekend that was full of sunshine, although a little too cold for long periods of fun in the park. You people in Yukutsk (aka the coldest inhabited city on Earth) may laugh at me with your -47 degree weather, but where I come from, the low 40’s are cold. (Truth: I keep Yukutsk on my Weather app so that whenever I’m feeling sorry for myself for being cold, I realize they’re a solid 100 degrees colder.) So we spent a lot of time doing puzzles and playing cars and running errands, which ends up being a very relaxing and successful weekend.

Right now we’re facing the gloom of rain and I’m not sure what’s for dinner tonight – possibly leftover spaghetti. Meh.

Here’s what we’ve been up to in the past week (looking through this helps me stay motivated for the next weekend!):

  • Criss-cross-what-a-sauce? 1 of 11
    I'm re-learning how to ask him to sit cross-legged. It's now "criss cross apple sauce!" and we sit like this 90% of the time at the preschooler's request.
  • Our neighbors must hate us 2 of 11
    Our neighbors must hate us
    Eventually we'll put plants back in our front yard. But for now, it's the world's best dig site for a truck-obsessed kid.
  • This kid, dudes 3 of 11
    This kid, dudes
    He's the best. On Monday night he's all "Let's put on our jammies and play cars before dinner!" Which sounded like the most awesome idea ever.
  • Let’s talk about the weather 4 of 11
    Let's talk about the weather
    Cold, but still gorgeous. Perfect swinging weather for me and Harry while my husband had a golf lesson.
  • Momma gets her fitness on 5 of 11
    Momma gets her fitness on
    It gives me more energy and those endorphins help me be a better, more patient momma. These 30 minutes to myself for 2 miles are precious to all of us.
  • Success, my friends 6 of 11
    Success, my friends
    He was so proud of himself, which is better than any sense of pride I feel for him.
    click here: read about the method we used
  • Indoor camping 7 of 11
    Indoor camping
    If you haven't done this with your toddler, DO IT. They will think you are the coolest parent ever.
  • Sometimes you just need a break 8 of 11
    Sometimes you just need a break
    Like getting under a blanket and eating peanut butter and jelly for supper. Sometimes it just needs to happen.
  • Momma style 9 of 11
    Momma style
    I'm officially throwing in the towel on high heels, thanks to my casual office and running. Momma needs her flats.
  • Blessed nap time 10 of 11
    Blessed nap time
    There was a period where we went no-nap but it seems the afternoon snooze is back on. Which means I get to lay in the sunshine on the couch. Because I have no shame.
  • My last week alone 11 of 11
    My last week alone
    My husband's been traveling a ton and last week marked the final weekday trip for awhile. I say PRAISE BE. While I love being with my kid alone, I miss the companionship of my husband.


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