Appreciating the Quiet


appreciating the quietToday I am thankful for quiet. While I love noise (if you don’t love noise – don’t have 4 kids) – there is something to be said about the sound of nothing.

Our toddlers are busy little boys who not only are quite physical but also both have little mouths that like to make lots of noises. Zeke isn’t quite talking, he gibber jabbers and says a few things here and there – but not coherently.  Izaiah on the other hand will talk your ear off. While his words may sounds like mumbling, he knows what he is saying.And when the boys aren’t talking – there is noise to be made with objects. Izaiah has the ability to turn anything into a drum. Zeke is into throwing things, which inevitably make loud booms.

This isn’t even accounting for our 2 older kids. Put all 4 together and you get CRAZY (see video, a typical car ride)

Quiet. I am so thankful for you. Even though you only appear late at night, very early in the morning and occasionally in the afternoon, I promise never to take your for granted again.

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