Autism Awareness Month


April 2, 2013 was World Autism Awareness Day.

In the past as a young person without children, I wouldn’t have paid any attention to the day. I would have thought the blue lights strange and I would have shrugged, figuring that every cause has to have a “month” and a color. But now I have my own little boy and while he is not on the spectrum, dear friends of mine have children that are being diagnosed. Our tinies are three and are being examined and it’s hard when an email or phone call comes through with a tearful friend telling me that her boy qualified. Her son (and her) face years of therapies and challenges.

I know what therapy is like on a smaller scale, having gone through months of it with my son for his speech. I know the tears poured over it and the heartbreak of a mother to watch her baby struggle.

I tell my friend that her boy is perfect, no matter what. That he’s incredible and she has done wonderfully with him and that she’ll continue to do great work as a mother.

If you’re reading this and your small one is on the spectrum, I hope you know that you are chosen for incredible work. I admire you and your baby.


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