Are We Going To Survive Three More Molars?

Someone has been a super grump lately!

Cullen got his first tooth when he was just three months old. I saw that teeny bit of white peeking through, and I burst into tears when I realized what it was. Just three months in and I felt like I was already shipping him off to college – it was all happening way too fast.

He got the next seven teeth pretty quickly. One after another they popped through without much disruption. He didn’t really seem to mind, and we mostly just dealt with some excess drool.  And then for months and months there was no change. Just eight teeth with no signs of any more.

That changed this month. A bad attitude and a LOT of drool had me poking around at Cullen’s gums, determined to find an answer. And I found was I was looking for – the beginning of our first molar.

It has been a rough few weeks since. Cullen is so grouchy and irritable all the time. He clings to me like superglue, but even in my arms he doesn’t seem happy. I’ve given him some Tylenol here and there, but I don’t feel like I can medicate him round the clock for weeks on end.

The tooth is almost all the way poked out now, and just as this one seems to be through, I can see others just starting to peek through the gums. Are molars really this much worse than the other teeth?

It also seems to have really affected Cullen’s appetite. He’s unbelievably picky with food right now, and really only seems to want cold fruit or those expensive pureed pouches. Every day I hope that we are at the end of it!

Can any experienced moms weigh in?  Are molars really this bad, and is there light at the end of the tunnel?

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