Are You A Closet Nurser?

mom breastfeeding a toddler
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I’m a big fan of extended breastfeeding. I nursed my first for 19 months. I only stopped because I was pregnant and it was excrutiating in the first trimester. Plus, I had really bad morning sickness and I felt nauseated when I nursed.

Anyway, I’m still nursing Fuzz at 18 months, although we are definitely trying to wind it down a bit. I think we’ve FINALLY got it down to 3 times a day, with the occasional 4th if he bumps his head really hard. Also, if he’s sick we add a couple here and there, too.

So, what I’m saying is, we still nurse a lot.

But even though we do, I must admit, (and I’m not proud of this) that I don’t do it in public anymore, now that Fuzz is a toddler.

It’s not that I wouldn’t. If I had to, I most definitely would. But, if it’s not an emergency, I’ll try to wait until we’re in a more friendly or family environment.

Why? It’s not because I think it’s gross to nurse a toddler in public.

It’s because it’s annoying get comments from other people who do, or who at least find it  inappropriate. And you know what? I already have enough ‘annoying‘ in my life. I don’t need any more.

So, what I’m doing here is feeding the fire for the Puritan-like attitude in this country — where people think that breasts are only for sex and not for their intended purpose. I’m making the problem worse.

Listen, I’m happy to protest. I’ll meet you at a nurse-in in front of the Federal Building, in front of Facebook, or wherever I’m needed, maybe where that woman above is standing. It looks nice there. I’ll stand in solidarity with other toddler-nursing mamas, breast exposed, whatever you want.

But on a daily basis, I’m going to keep it inside, thanks to people who really need to get a grip.

What about you? Are you a closet nurser? Do you nurse your toddler in public without issue? Do you think toddler mamas shouldn’t nurse in public?

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