Arms Full Of Children


Now that our toddler is no longer an only child, I find myself reflecting often on the transition from one kid, to two.

When I was pregnant with our second baby, I ran into an old high school girlfriend at the grocery store. She was wrangling her two young beautiful daughters, and when she saw that I was pregnant, she congratulated me and said, “Two kids might as well be ten!”

She was right, in a way. Before we had our second child, there was always one person who was not holding a kid. Now, with the kid to parent ratio even, it feels like we are overflowing with children. This is especially true since our 2-year-old suddenly wants to be held all the time again.

It’s amazing how much more full (and hectic) a family can feel with just one more child.

Evan is beginning to adjust to life with his baby sister now, but I know that we have to give him some extra love and attention through this time.

I can only imagine what it feels like to have more than two kids, because two really does feel like ten in every beautiful and frustrating way imaginable.

How many kids do you have? Was the transition difficult with each child?

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