Attention Toddlers: Do NOT Try This at Home


I’m quite grateful that my younger daughter is proving not to be a wimp. There’s nothing wrong with wimps, of course. To be sure, I’m one. (There’s plenty of stuff wrong with me, of course, but not necessarily the wimpy part.)

No, Peony, who is 19 months old, is mellow and cool, but if she can reach it, jump on (or off) it or eat it, it’s all hers.

Up until recently, she’s had zero interest in television. Her older sister Petunia, 4, has lots of interest in television. When Petunia watches the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Peony might do the Hot Dog Dance at the end, but that’s really the extent of her amusement.

Then yesterday I put on the Sprout channel with the hope that Peony might think Big Bird was amusing enough to let me work for more than 18-consecutive seconds. As it turns out, she was captivated for a full four minutes (victory!). In fact, for 240 seconds she was so interested that she wanted to get as close to the screen as possible.

Now, I’m not one of those parents who thinks my kid’s eyesight will get ruined if she sticks her head up against the TV. No, but I was worried that she might break a leg in the process. She didn’t, by the way, but when she tumbled to the ground afterwards, her cries indicated she might have broken something.

Thankfully all limbs are in tact. But I’ll be keeping the TV turned off for a little while longer. Just in case.

Photo credit: Meredith Carroll
As you may imagine, this didn’t end well


Photo credit: Meredith Carroll

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