Babble Announces Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2011


Ladies and gents, it is that coveted time of the year, where every foot steps a little more lightly & eyes sparkle a touch more vividly. Where gifts abound and happiness and clinking of champagne glasses and smiles wreath across the world.

Wait. Oh, did you think I was talking about the holidays?

Heck no! I’m talking about Babble’s coveted Top Mom Blogs List, which has been expanded this year to include 100 queens of the blogging realm. That’s right — 100 of the most influential ladies in the internet, all sitting side-by-side. The ladies that work hard and do their job well, creating spaces of community and camaraderie, discussion and disagreement. These bloggers keep trucking even when trolls attack and stats dip, but they know that their worth lies past the words they type and straight into their very hearts.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Top 100 list without the big guns: Dooce, Ree, and The Bloggess. Still, some fresh faces were named through a panel that looked to recommendations, last year’s nominations, and lots of consideration. Several Babble writers made the cut (no surprise, as Babble recruits the best!) and  hey, is that Toddler Times very own Monica making the Top 10?  Congratulations, lady!

Who is your favorite mom blogger? Did she make the list?

Don’t see your favorite?  Nominate her for 2012!

*edited to fix where I called this the 2012 list.  I should not blog before I’ve had my fifth cup of coffee OBVIOUSLY.

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