Back to School Inspiration: Lunchbox Love Note Printables



Download and you're good to go!

Sometimes it can be hard for the little ones to get back into the pre-school groove, especially after the long, lazy days of summer.

To help inspire your child during those long first days of class or as just a reminder that mama loves them, why not leave love notes in their lunchbox or backpack?

And hey, don’t just scribble on a piece of notebook paper with a pen, make it special. It’s easier than you think!

For a super cute note you can download the smartiepants first day of school printable to the left by clicking on the PDF here. Use scalloped or jagged scrapbooking scissors to cut around the edges for extra cuteness!Next just pop a handful of Smarties into a Ziploc bag and put the printable inside facing outward and your little one will be thrilled.

Obviously this works best with elementary kids but, if you want a couple tips on leaving a lunch box love note for your toddler click on Bethanne’s really excellent post How To Leave Lunchbox Notes For A Kid That Can’t Read.

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