Beach Bound: Planning For a Trip to The Beach With Two Toddlers (Help!)

Dad, Violet and Henry on last year's trip to the Jersey Shore.

Serge’s uncle and aunt have a house on the beach at the Jersey Shore. No, not that Jersey Shore. Although, technically, it is the Jersey Shore it is a quieter, more sedate area and the only fist-pumping I’ve seen go down is when fish or gnarly waves are caught.

Anyway, the aunt and uncle always invite us down to spend a weekend at the shore and we’re excited, of course, but as with everything parents have to do with two toddlers in tow there is always a generous amount of trepidation, or, if we’re being honest here, outright terror at traveling and staying at strange places. But who turns down a free trip to the shore? Well, the parents of two unruly toddlers, probably, but we are determined to get the kids outside a lot this summer and the seashore seems like the best way to do it and so we are going and, come hell or high water, hope to have a nice time. 

I figured this would be the best place to solicit advice on what to pack and any other tricky tips you have in your back pocket as far as road-tripping and beach-bumming with the kids. I mean, of course I’ll bring a camera so I can take photos. I plan to try out the new Wendy’s scrapbooking app when I get home. But what do ya got? And what are your big plans?  What are you doing to get the kids out of the house and into the sunshine this summer?

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