Behind the Scenes: Video of Vivi Being Vivi


Someone suggested I post a video of Addie and Vivi reuniting at the bus stop, rather than just posting their joyous reunion I decided to interview Addie on the subject of big sisterhood as well. The greatest part of this video for me is that Vivi is in the background doing exactly what Vivi does. In general the child is completely oblivious and more than happy to do whatever it is she wants. She makes ridiculous faces, picks her nose and dances on occasion.

While the focus of this video when I originally posted it was all about Addie and her observations on toddlerhood, I’d like to explain a little of the back story.

When Vivi is running laps around Addie in the beginning we call that ‘orbiting’ and she does it regularly, this is a pretty broad orbit path, normally they’re much smaller. She’ll keep going until she falls over from dizziness. Next is Vivi munching on ice, it’s something that happens 6 months out of the year at our house, calorie free and doesn’t make a mess. Vivi sitting on Addie? Totally normal. Jumping on Addie? Also, unfortunately, totally normal. I tell Addie that Vivi pulling her hair now is revenge for Addie sticking her hair in her face so much as a defenseless baby.

Vivi lying about pooping? Totally true. Addie speaks the truth.

Vivi screaming “HI!” at the school bus as it pulls up? My favorite.

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