Best Hurricane Sleep Over Ever

Its only 11pm?

Well as most people know hurricane Irene landed in Connecticut last night and instead of trying to stick it out at home we packed up and headed down the street to my husband’s fire house.

We figured it would be the safest place for us to ride the storm out, and thankfully it was. Our neighborhood looks like a war zone, trees down everywhere, power, cable, and phone lines all over the roads… you get the picture.

Every time his fire department got called out for a new tree on a house, I kept praying it wasn’t our house which has two unstable looking pine trees in the front yard right now.

But seriously, the coolest place ever for two toddlers to ride a big storm like this out has to be the firehouse right?  It is like a giant playground for them.  All the fellas. fire trucks, and of course the big TV upstairs.

It was a big slumber party, and the boys didn’t finally crash till after midnight, although we repeatedly tried to get them to sleep at a decent hour all night long.

Minus the mild flooding we had inside the building, we made out ok.

I am just glad that everyone is safe right now. Power or not.

Over a half million people in Connecticut without power… our house being one of them.   Oh, and also throw in that our cable, internet, and phone are out as well.

Oh, and here is a neat picture for me to leave ya’ll with.

Cots on the truck floor

Hope you, your family, and homes are safe too!

And updating… This is what we came home to!

  • Tree Blocking my road 1 of 4
    Tree Blocking my road
  • Branches Down in our Backyard 2 of 4
    Branches Down in our Backyard
  • Toddler pool went for a flight 3 of 4
    Toddler pool went for a flight
  • All the leaves in the neighborhood are on my steps 4 of 4
    All the leaves in the neighborhood are on my steps

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