Big Kid Things: Time Consuming But Worth It


Thoughts On Big Kid ThingsRecently my sweet little 13-month-old has been showing more and more interest in “big kid” things.

It’s been a little bit hard for me, because I still see her as a little baby, but I’m trying to encourage her as she tries out new things and explores the world. She’s always been such a self-entertained little thing, happily playing by herself for up to an hour at a time, so I know that it’s in her personality to be independent.

The other caveat to all this newfound interest in big kid things is that it’s pretty time consuming – tiny legs getting from point A to point B can make frozen molasses look downright speedy. But, I’m learning to slow down and pad our schedule to give her more time for the things she wants to try to do on her own and it’s been so rewarding to see.

In the past week she learned how to climb down from the couch all on her own and she’s learning to help bring me items that I need when we’re at home. When we went grocery shopping yesterday she pushed her own little cart around the store (her head was just about at the height of the handle!) and helped me put groceries in the cart. It was so sweet to watch and she even grabbed the right bread out of a whole wall of bread! It’s so fun seeing the little wheels in her head turning. The grocery trip definitely took double the time that it ordinarily would have, but it was so worth it.

My baby is becoming a girl and even though a part of me is sad for her to leave the baby-ness behind, I am looking forward to all of the fun adventures we’re going to have together in the future. Painting toe nails, watching movies, having girl’s dates…I’m pretty sure that having a big girl is going to be even better than having a baby. It’s going to be slow going for awhile as she figures out how to do all these new things, but I’m up for it and looking forward to an excuse to slow down and just enjoy her as she is right now.


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