Boy Meets Office Door


There’s a lot of things I like about toddlers but my absolute favorite is how easily amused they are.

Today Little Bean wandered into The Husband’s home office and then shut the door behind him. He then proceeded to interact with the door in ways only a 1 year can. Some of these pictures crack me UP. I just sat there and kept snapping.

  • Ohh Door! 1 of 10
    Ohh Door!
    He loves shutting and opening doors. It's so cute!
  • Squish 2 of 10
    This may be his first squish face ever!
  • Hey, There’s Just Enough of a Legde to Stand Up! 3 of 10
    Hey, There's Just Enough of a Legde to Stand Up!
    He's getting crafty in the pull up department.
  • Ahhh 4 of 10
    This is the one I can't look at without laughing.
  • This is How it Opens… 5 of 10
    This is How it Opens...
  • …and Closes 6 of 10
    ...and Closes
  • …and Opens 7 of 10
    ...and Opens
  • This is Hard Work! 8 of 10
    This is Hard Work!
  • I Think I’ve Mastered It! 9 of 10
    I Think I've Mastered It!
  • Were You Watching the While Time Mommy? 10 of 10
    Were You Watching the While Time Mommy?
    Yes. Yes I was. :)

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