Bucket List For A Toddler: Toddler's Version


Hey, y’all.  It’s Harry!

My momma got all sappy about the things she wants to do with me before I grow up, like building a snowman & riding a train.  (I’m just glad that potty training wasn’t on that list!  hey-o!) They sound great, but the truth is, I have other plans in mind.

As a baby, I had great goals – lick the bottom of every shoe in our home, perfect the art of flipping over the crib rail, & snag my first kiss with the cutie at playdate.  I did all three plus extra, like breaking my first bone & going to the NC State Fair.  So this time?  I’m aiming higher.

  • Take a bath with 75% bubble capacity 1 of 6
    Take a bath with 75% bubble capacity
    Yeah, that's right. Chest-deep in bubbles with only three inches of water.
  • Eat candy for dinner 2 of 6
    Eat candy for dinner
    Or cupcakes. Whatever.
  • See where Mickey Mouse lives 3 of 6
    See where Mickey Mouse lives
    & then ask my momma if I can move in with her because I'm pretty sure Mickey takes bubble baths & has candy for dinner on a daily basis.
  • Fly. 4 of 6
    Preferably with a cape & no cables. The roof looks like a good place to get started, but my momma told me that's not "allowed."
  • Ride the dog. 5 of 6
    Ride the dog.
    Surely there have to be dog-size saddles out there, right?
  • Become a superhero. 6 of 6
    Become a superhero.
    Watch your back, Clark Kent. The H-Bomb is in town!