Busy Toddler Activity of the Week: Marshmallow Building


It’s amazing how just 15 minutes of ‘me time’ can improve your  mood. (And even parenting itself!) But, sometimes 15 minutes are hard to come by. Your toddler is either constantly getting into something that they shouldn’t be or needs attention (imagine that!) or supervision with an activity or toy. I love to keep a few simple activities up my sleeve for those times that I need a few minutes on the phone or 30 minutes to spruce up the house before dinner.

Marshmallow building is a great one. You’ve probably already got the supplies lying around, it takes two seconds to get it set up and it’s really fun for toddlers to mess around with by themselves.  Then, when you’re done with your ‘me time’, it’s great to sit down with and do together. What? Did you think my three-year-old built that playground structure without any help?

See more photos and instructions on this marshmallow building activity right here.
What do you do to keep your toddler entertained for a few minutes?

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