Can Mommy Have A Time Out --- Please?


Today, my 2-year-old exclaimed, “I don’t like the time out chair!”

I assured him that I know he doesn’t like the time out chair, but that sometimes we all need a moment to calm down.

The past few days have really done a number on me, between my toddler and 3-month-old. I assumed that having two children would mean double the work, but in reality, it is more like five times the work, and ten times the stress.

Most days I can just take the crying, and whining, and tantrums with a grain of salt. I can laugh at the situation, and simply count the minutes until my husband comes home to give me a moment of relief.

There are other days, however, when I just feel so stressed that I long for five minutes of peace. What I wouldn’t give for someone to put me in a time out chair to calm down, and think about things.

I am really craving some alone time. In fact, it is a deep craving — an ache — for alone time.

Do you ever feel desperate for a moment alone? How do you find those moments of peace?

Stressed mom photo from Shutterstock

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