Can Your Kid Use Your Smart Phone Even Though He Doesn't Know Your Phone Number?


We’ve been talking recently about how we let our tots use our smart phones, and even the best apps to keep them occupied for a bit, but what if our kids are spending so much time in the virtual world that they’re missing out on real world life skills like writing their name, learning their address and phone number, or tying their shoes.

I read an article in Parenting magazine recently that brought up this discrepancy.  And while I know my kids are both too young to learn how to tie their shoes, my daughter is definitely old enough to learn our address and phone number, and if repeated often enough to my son, I’m sure he could memorize it too.  I mean, he know all the words to the chorus of the country song Colder Weather thanks to my hubs, surely he can learn to remember a few numbers in the right order.  But I just hadn’t thought of teaching them that, yet.

The point the article made is that in this world where everything is now immediately at our fingertips we have a hard time teaching kids do things that require time, energy, and patience on the parents part.  Things like learning to dress themselves, or write their name, or even potty train.

I don’t sell parents that short.  But, I do think it’s an important reminder to teach our kids age appropriate life skills.  Take away the iPad and give them crayons and paper for a while, turn off the educational web site and let them discover a love for books, unplug the TV and teach them their address and phone number. There’s no reason our kids can’t learn life skills and be tech savvy at the same time.  Let’s give them the best of both worlds.

Photo source: derek olson/Flickr

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