Car Seat Mistakes... Just DON'T Make Them!


Car seat safety information has been everywhere over the past couple months, and with the prime months of dangerous car seat mistakes upon us, I felt the need to harp to parents once more about how dangerous some of the car seat shortcuts are!

One of the mistakes I constantly see, especially in the winter months is jackets under car seat straps. Yes I understand it is cold out, I live in New England… I know cold! But there are several simple things you can do to eliminate your child from being cold in the car without risking their safety.  

One is heating your car up. Start it up early, have your child wear their jacket to the car, and then remove it once in the car seat.  Pretty simple right?  You can always take their jacket and put it back on over the car seat straps backwards. May not look as cute as you want it to, but it could save your toddlers life!

I don’t want to hear excuses about what is most practical. Because in reality is practicality worth the life of your child?   STOP MAKING EXCUSES!

Another?  Moving your child to a forward facing car seat too soon. I am guilty of this one myself with my oldest child, because the recommendations were different when he turned a year old.  Let’s not be in such a hurry to turn them around!  They are so much safer when they are rear facing!   Recommendations now say 2 years old, or 35 pounds as a minimum!  Be sure to also check the safety recommendations and cut offs for the car seat you specifically own!   They differ with each model!

Last is parents moving their kids into a booster seat too soon!   I see this a lot, especially among neighbors and even children my son is in school with. It is recommended that children stay in a harness type car seat.  There are many seats on the market that can fit your child until they are 80 pounds. That sounds like a huge kid in a car seat, but doesn’t safety come first?

Most of the mistakes are made with infant, and toddler car seats. Be sure to make the safest choices for your kids!