Caring For A Sick Child


I’m pretty sure cold and flu season is in full swing at our house. And I honestly think that one of the very hardest things that we have to do as parents is care for a sick child. Harder than discipline, and tantrums, and dealing with sleep issues.

As parents we always want to help and protect our children. We hate to see them in any kind of discomfort, and that’s what makes having a sick such a rough thing to deal with. We feel so helpless. 

Because really, there is so little we can do to help them.  We can give them some Tylenol, or other types of medicines or home remedies, but we can’t actually take their cough, or sore throat, or runny nose away. I know, I’m pretty sure that I have tried as hard as anyone to will my child’s middle of the night coughing fits to stop, and of course, it just doesn’t happen.

Besides the fact that it can take so much time and energy to deal with a sick child who is crying because they don’t feel good, but they are so tired that they just want to sleep, but they can’t sleep because they don’t feel good, it’s even worse to have to be a spectator to our children’s illness instead of an active participant who can actually do something about it.

So, I sit in bed and type, as my daughter lays next to me trying to sleep, but instead being continually woken up by her coughing, and my heart aches because I wish so bad that I could just take it all away.

How do you deal with a sick child at your house?