Carnival Rides: Your Toddler Can Handle Them but Can You?


I loved amusement parks as a kid (the scarier the ride, the better) so I was super excited to take Mazzy to her first kiddie park. I figured she was too little to go on most of the rides but at least she’d ride the carousel and kick some ass at Wack-A-Mole.

Then the ticket booth lady said Mazzy could go on ALL BUT TWO of the rides.

REALLY? Are you sure you are not mistaking my kid for the fourteen-year-old with the neck tattoo behind me?

Yes, she was sure.

We started easy with a train that went around in a circle at .00000002 miles per hour. I rode next to Mazzy with my arm laid over her lap just in case she tried to wriggle free from the seatbelt, jump out action-movie-style and scream “Thomas!” before running headfirst into the front car.

Miraculously, she sat still, smiled big and grasped the steering wheel in front of her for the entirety of the ride.

Next we moved on to a boat ride, which she rode with her dad. Surprisingly, there were no head first dives into one foot of water. All went well.

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