In theory, you’d love to spend all day every day with your kids, cuddling them, loving them, playing with them, challenging them, watching and helping them learn and grow, and just generally appreciating their adorableness 24/7. But life doesn’t usually work that way. Most parents have to go out and earn a living, or go to school, or even just zip over to the gym or meet a friend for coffee or enjoy a movie with their spouse. What makes that possible? Childcare. Babble’s complete Childcare Guide offers pretty much everything you need to know about hiring someone to look after your child – be it a full-time nanny, an occasional babysitter, a day care facility or some other arrangement. You can also find articles helping you weigh which of those options might be best for you, hear from parents who’ve made one choice or another, and get tips for picking the best sitter or day care facility.