Chucky's Back: Has The World's Best Father Taken Things Too Far?


2013 Calendar Remember this dude? A while back ago, I stumbled across Dave Engledow’s series, The World’s Best Father.

I was immediately smitten with his work, for the obvious reasons. So of course I was stoked to learn that his much anticipated calendar, featuring he and his ADORABLE daughter Alice Bee – launched over this past weekend.

It’s available for purchase over on Monkitree, and you can bet I scooped up a couple for Christmas presents.

This, even after he put his exemplary photo-shop talents to use in the spirit of Halloween with this latest piece, “Child’s Play.” Personally, while my jaw may have dropped a little bit – I will admit to having been thoroughly amused.

Many however, have been thoroughly disturbed…

Too much?
























Now before any of you get your knickers in a knot, please note that Mr. Engledow photoshopped pretty much every last macabre detail. He’s a wizard like that. From the gory one himself…

Note: My wife Jen wanted me to make sure to let people know that Alice Bee was never actually holding a bloody knife during this shoot–we’ve agreed not to let her play with knives until her second birthday).

What do you think? Are you still a fan like me or completely turned off? Discuss.

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