City Kid in the 'Burbs (VIDEO)


I live with my family in New York City in a two bedroom apartment with a wraparound balcony.

The balcony is one of the major selling points of my place since outdoor space is such a luxury in Manhattan. By Manhattan balcony standards, it’s a pretty decent size, too.

However, it is NO BACKYARD.

This past weekend we visited our cousins in the suburbs of Connecticut.

Mazzy was so taken with all the green grass, the driveway and the seemingly endless amount of space to runaround that it made me think twice about our decision to bring her up on city sidewalks and communal playgrounds.

If I wasn’t already thinking about it, I had my husband’s aunt whispering in my ear, “Mazzy really needs a yard” to hammer it home.

Mazzy spent the majority of the day playing basketball in the driveway and soccer on the front lawn. When we left she said sadly, “Bye, balls…”

Heartbreaking for sure.

Here’s a video of my city kid living it up in the ‘burbs.

At the very least, I think it’s clear that I need to seek out a city basketball court for her to hone her skills. Although, I think things are pretty competitive around here…


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