Confessions Of An Imperfect Parent

How could that sweet face ever do anything wrong?

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a perfect parent, and I don’t have perfect kids.  They are KIDS after all!  And one thing that I learned very early on is that I cannot control my child – they have a mind and a will and a voice of their own, and no matter how I might try, they are in control of themselves, and I’m not.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  My husband and I do work hard, and try hard, to teach our kids how to behave appropriately in all different situations and be respectful and kind to others.  But again, they are kids, and they are just learning, and they don’t always get in right all the time.  They mess up.  And so do we, in how we handle their mess ups.

Honestly, we don’t always know the best way to discipline our toddler.

It seems like you get to a point with your child when you really have to start taking the discipline thing seriously.  It’s not necessarily when they hit the “terrible” twos, but it’s more like when you realize that they know there is a difference between right and wrong, and you know that they know what they’re doing is wrong.

Each child is obviously unique and different, and different discipline methods will work with different kids, and every family has to try different methods to find what works best for them and their toddler.

We’re not fans of spanking at a young age, we feel like it teaches that hitting is okay and doesn’t really make an impact on actually teaching a child to choose the right behavior.

Time out is a popular method, but I can’t get my son to stay put.  He thinks it’s a game to get up and try to run away and have me pick him up and sit him back down.  So that’s not very effective.

And we all know that reasoning with a child at this age is just futile.  So what are we, as parents of spirited toddlers, supposed to do?

I’m thinking I’m probably not the only one who struggles with the best way to discipline at this young, impressionable, and sensitive age.  And yet ask me how I know it’s important to start teaching and training a child how to behave at this age so they don’t hit three, four or five year old and still have a hard time obeying.

So, I’d love to hear from all you parents out there – what’s your best method for teaching and disciplining your toddler?  If we all share our resources of what works best for us, we can learn from each other, and help each other to raise the best little people that we can, in spite of our own imperfections!

What method of discipline have your found works the best for you and your toddler?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago
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