Conversations With Wylet

We love our porch swing, especially during a rainstorm.

We’re trying to raise Violet to be polite, of course, but it’s a work in progress.

She doesn’t yet understand that screaming PLEASE!  PLEASE!  PLEEEEAAAASE!!! at the top of her lungs isn’t exactly what we’re after.  However, she’s coming along pretty well.

Yesterday she wanted some juice so I handed her the Dora The Explorer cup in which she prefers her “Appa Juice” and reminded her to say thank you.

“Say thank you, Violet.  Thank you.”  I enunciated the second thank you to let her know what I meant.

“You’re welcome,”  She replied.

“No.  You say thank you.  Violet say thank you.”

“YOU’RE WELCOME.”  She enunciated right back at me.

“No, no.  If I give you juice, you say THANK YOU, MAMA”.

She rolled her eyes like I was hard of hearing and shouted, “WELCOME!  WELCOME MAMA!”

Fair enough.

Below is a clip of a conversation we had while rocking on our porch swing.  We sit out there every night at dusk and sing songs together.  I managed to hit record without her noticing.  If she does spot me recording something with the camera she tries to grab it and watch the video.  She doesn’t comprehend that I have to record video first before she can watch it.  Many, many years from now I’ll listen to this conversation, hear that little chattering voice and bawl my eyes out.  God, I love her.

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