Coolest Toddler Game Ever!

Guess Who?

Do you have a ton of family members like I do?  If you do this is probably a super smart idea to help your toddlers remember who everyone is.

If I had a dime for every aunt, cousin, uncle, or great aunt my kids came in contact with when it comes to the holidays, I would be rich. No seriously, like a billionaire, because apparently my grand parents were so damn bored, they could only make child, after child… no joke!

Get photographs of all the important people in your kids life, and pop out the original Guess Who game characters, and throw in your own friends and family members!    I mean, it is really a genius idea!

Then you can play with your toddler!  Especially if they are extremely observant like our boys are.

Madsens Memories blogged about the entire process of making the game, and the idea in general. I think she is one of my heroes now.  Because this is totally going to become a staple in our house when it comes to board games.

Do you think you will make this for your kids to play?


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