Dads Take Note: What Your Wife Really Wants For Christmas

Think Ahead Yea, I said it. I know that technically, we’re not supposed to mention the dreaded C-word (just leave that alone, would you?) until after Halloween…but listen. I’m here to help you. How many of you suck at buying Christmas presents for your wives/partners/whatever label you desire?

You there, I see you with your head bowed down. And you too looking defiantly away. I’m about to make things really easy for you. Us mamas, especially the ones of adorable, toddler-sized monsters…we rarely get out. We more than occasionally fantasize about the movies we’d like to see, the concerts we’d like to attend and the days alone not doing much more than reading. All of those things we have gladly sacrificed, for their once-upon-a-time regular occurrences…in lieu of Motherhood. Now, I’m not complaining…I love being a mom. Doesn’t mean it’s not hard.

Which means that the best form of recognition that we could get from you guys – (we know you are deserving too…that’s why we are awesome at Father’s Day and Christmas presents. See what I just did right there?) So anyways, especially around the holidays, getting us a gift that we might actually want WILL win you all the prizes…

Remember those? Heck, something like what i’m about to lay out for you could potentially have us squeling like a sorority girl. You can make that happen. (I apologize in advance to those who rock in the department of gift giving to their spouses. This is not intended for you so move along you shiny star).

What am I on about? A solution that will have you entering no malls, something you can take care of well in advance (like now)…by snagging a couple of tickets (this goes without saying right? Clearly it won’t be as much fun alone unless she/he prefers things that way), to one of the hottest concerts on tour coming up in the New Year. You’ll get choices in preferred, discount priced seating and hook up some other great package deals if you you become (or already are) a member of Citi Private Pass.

I’ve rounded up a few concerts that I know I’d personally love to see, from a wide range of musical genres because I’m crazy like that …

  • The Roots 1 of 8
    The Roots
    If your lady was a fan of hip hop back in the day, chances are she still is (like me). Your toddler may be slightly jealous, given the whole Lovely Love My Family thing. But rest assured. They most likely won't be performing that one.
    Tickets Available at Live Nation
  • Lada Gaga 2 of 8
    Lada Gaga
    I may not be listening to her on the regular at home - but I know this would be an electric, highly amusing live show.
    Tickets Available at Ticketmaster
  • The xx 3 of 8
    The xx
    My friend saw them perform a couple fo weeks ago here in Canada and said they were AMAZING. Now their tour is headed to America come the New Year. If your honey is into Brit Pop, (Blur, The Smiths, Pulp) then this is for her.
    Tickets Available at Live Nation
  • Mowtown (The Musical) 4 of 8
    Mowtown (The Musical)
    Please tell me you have seen the movie. If not...get to it. SO good. Motown pretty much makes my world go 'round, so.
    Tickets Available at Ticketmaster
  • The Hip 5 of 8
    The Hip
    High school. Bush parties. Make-out sessions. Summers at the cottage. These good old Canadian boys are all that is the nostalgia of my youth. Well parts of it anyways.
    Tickets Available at Live Nation
  • Willie Nelson 6 of 8
    Willie Nelson
    For the obvious reasons. I mean, he's the dude, much like the dude Lebowski refers to. Except even cooler.
    Tickets Available at Live Nation
  • Pink! 7 of 8
    I've been a huge fan ever since Dear Mr. President.
    Tickets Available at Ticketmaster
  • Great Big Sea 8 of 8
    Great Big Sea
    Some more Canadian cuties for ya. Well for your wife, that is.
    Tickets Available at Live Nation

These are just a few of the awesome choices available at discout to you through Citibank. In visiting their site, you;ll discover that there is indeed something for everyone, (including you) from ballet, live theatre and musicals, to wicked sports events. Think of it this way – you will receive the bounty of your partner’s gratuity twice. Once when they open their present, and then again, a few days or weeks later when the come home from the concert. There will also be lots of happy days in between.

The anticipation.

Just sayin’.

A big thanks to Citi for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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