Ridiculous! Deaf Toddler Told by School to Change the Way He Signs His Name


Deaf 3 year old boy told to change his name.File this under RIDICULOUS!

A Nebraska school district has told a 3-year-old deaf boy to change the way he uses sign language to express his name. WHY? Because the boy’s name is Hunter and the way he signs his name resembles shooting a gun.

That’s right, according to the Grand Island school district, the way Hunter crosses his index and middle fingers and then waves them to signify his name is against the district’s gun policy. The policy forbids any instrument that looks like a weapon.
Yeah, the little boy’s fingers look just like a weapon. Watch this video that explains the situation and meet the little boy Hunter who is in the center of the controversy.


The name sign that Hunter uses is a registered sign with S.E.E. (Signing Exact English).

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