Dear Holiday Shoppers

Was this you?

I braved the mall this weekend. With two toddlers, and a baby… and of course a couple friends.

But the problem was the actual people who were in the mall. I am used to a crowded mall, I often take my kids there on the weekend to run out energy in the little kid play area. It is free, there are other kids to play with, and they love it. Even though those places are germ breeding grounds.

Well of course I knew I was going to be in for it this weekend, but I seriously was absolutely amazed by the amount of rude people out there. Here you are, see me with my double stroller, and a walking toddler, and you walk in front of me, run my three year old over, and look at me like I am the one with the problem?

You do know toddlers are actually people too, even if they are half your size!

So after seeing the absolutely worst of the worst this weekend with my kids in tow, I can only say a few things.

  1. Holiday shoppers – BE MINDFUL OF CHILDREN!
  2. If you see a lady struggling with a stroller, don’t slam a door in her face
  3. Oh and parents… teach your toddlers manners!  – I literally saw a little girl SPIT on the floor of the mall… REALLY?

I can tell you, all I want to do is hide in my house until December 26th at this point! And if I do go back to the mall, I won’t be doing it with toddlers, that is for sure!



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