Do Toddlers Need an iPad?

Is $500 too much for a toddler toy?


It seems like everywhere you turn someone has an iPad, and it is a growing trend among parents to allow their toddlers to play with their iPads.

Some are even going as far as purchasing an iPad for their toddler. Seriously!  I have seen it!  Heck I have friends who have done it.

And I started to think about it seriously around Christmas time. I brought up the idea of buying an iPad for the family, which was quickly thrown out not only by our lack of funds, but the fact that my husband thought it was 110% ridiculous.

The more I thought about it, the more absolutely ridiculous it started to sound to me. Hell I am a grown ass woman, working on my 27th year on this planet and I can’t even get an iPad for myself… I can’t even afford one for WORK yet!  Why would a two — almost THREE year old even QUALIFY to get one?

No way!

I can see families sharing them as educational tools because there are some really awesome app’s for kids, but to just give them their own? No way!

What do you think about the topic of toddlers with iPads?

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