Do You Bento?

They fascinate me!

Ok, so when I first started writing on Toddler Times this summer I wrote a post asking parents if making Bento lunches for their kids was worth the time they take to make.

A bunch of months later, I am still insanely fascinated by them and once again considering taking on the time to give them a try.

Maybe get the bento boxes, and give it a try. I have no idea where to even start, but isn’t that what my awesome readers are for?

One of you out there has to be well versed in the art of bento right?

But what really peaked my interest again is the dreaded black hole of productivity called Pinterest. And I never realized how many blogs there are dedicated just to making bentos!

Of course I just had to link up some of the best looking bentos I have seen through this process. Big props to those moms who are creative enough to come up with these ideas, and even write blogs solely based on Bentos!

Do you have a favorite Bento Blog?

  • Sandwich Alternative Bento by Susan Yuen 1 of 8
    Sandwich Alternative Bento by Susan Yuen
    I love this one because it shows an alternative type style Bento. I typically see them with either rice, or sandwiches. Readers e-mailed Susan the author of this Bento blog and asked for alternatives and she certainly served! Click here for Susan's Bento Blog
  • Three French Hens by Another Lunch 2 of 8
    Three French Hens by Another Lunch
    How cute is this? It was themed for Christmas from the 12 Days of Christmas. Heck when I first saw it I just thought it would be awesome for our youngster that is obsessed with farms! Click here for Another Lunch
  • Ready for the Rain? By Bento-logy 3 of 8
    Ready for the Rain?  By Bento-logy
    This one makes me think of the song Singing in the Rain. It is also a simple idea, but super cute! This also comes from a site solely based on making bento lunches! Click here for Bento-logy
  • A Pirates Life for Me! By 4 of 8
    A Pirates Life for Me! By
    I love all things pirates, and of course my two year old does too. If I could get my bento skill down to actually make this I would be all set! Click here for
  • A Simpler Bento by Another Lunch 5 of 8
    A Simpler Bento by Another Lunch
    Another great bento idea from Another Lunch, and what I like most about this, as a bento beginner is that it is cute, and simple to make. But still a noticeable bento! Click here for Another Lunch
  • Just Plane Fun by Cookie Cutter Lunch 6 of 8
    Just Plane Fun by Cookie Cutter Lunch
    What child doesn't love planes? I think this is a great Sandwich bento idea, and it adds all different kinds of treats in the lunch. From fruit and veggies, to a little candy treat. Big props to Cookie Cutter Lunch! Click here for Cookie Cutter Lunch
  • Sandwich Men! By Wendolonia 7 of 8
    Sandwich Men! By Wendolonia
    I love that this mom does weekly posts with all the different lunches she makes for kid for school. Healthy, and cute. My little guy would love this one because we have an obsession for cherry tomatoes in our house. Would your kids like it? Click here for Wendolonia
  • A Little Bento by Run With Scissors 8 of 8
    A Little Bento by Run With Scissors
    I like this one because it is another simple bento I could actually see myself being crafty enough to make. It is nothing too out there, or intricate to confuse someone with two left hands like me! Click here for Run With Scissors


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