Does Cute Make Up For Being Naughty?

Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

OK, so you read the title and you’re thinking, “No way!” right? That sad truth is, being cute pretty much does makes up for being naughty. How absolutely unfortunate.

My eldest (not pictured) has always been a looker with these stupid long eyelashes. As his mother I was never swayed by the fact that he was really, really, really good looking (forgive the obligatory Zoolander reference), but everyone else was.

Strangers swooned, casting agents pined, and even teachers overlooked poor classroom behavior all on account of cuteness…until the 3rd grade.  

Whoa, reality check! My son suddenly expected to be more than just a pretty face was enough to make his gorgeous head explode. Don’t get me wrong, I was seriously grateful for the lesson – it was one I had been trying to teach for ages.

Enter BooBoo, world’s biggest playboy. This kid’s got more naughtiness packed into his 3T’s than most. It seems as though the public is willing to accept BooBoo’s devilish behavior because he’s adorably entertaining. Great, here we go again.

In your experience, does cute make up for being naughty?

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