Does Your Toddler Know the Difference Between a Dodge and a Toyota? (VIDEO)


Toddlers memorizing information that seems ahead of their time makes for great viral videos.

There’s the toddler that knows all the presidents, the toddler that knows all the states and the toddler that knows all the elements on the periodic table.

My daughter is pretty good at memorization and identification, so I’ve thought long and hard about what I can teach her that would be entertaining. Flowers? Names of celebrities? Liquor brands?

Ultimately, I sit on my couch and watch her play with her shape sorting cube and never really commit to the process.

Now. If I really really loved something like, let’s say… CARS, perhaps I would spend all day pointing out Audis and Acuras and Oldsmobiles and my daughter would fast become an expert.

But since I can’t really tell the difference between cars myself, there is probably little I could offer a two-year-old.

Now. If I was the dad of Sasha-Mercedes (that is genuine car devotion!), then I might have been preparing my daughter for viral video fame since the day she was born.

Watch two-year-old Sasha-Mercedes identify about ten different cars. In German, no less. 


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