My Toddler’s Latest Obsession: The Doodle 4 Google Art Competition


Have you heard about Google’s awesome drawing competition for kids? It is perhaps likely that you haven’t if you are stateside, but for our Canadian readers (and being that I am Canadian), this one is for you/us!

Which doesn’t mean to say that you still can’t enjoy checking out my Wyndham’s doodles, titles, and captions below, because checking out children’s artwork and the way they describe things is always a good time. So much vibrancy, whimsy, and imagination! ‘Doodle 4 Google’ is a national competition for kids in kindergarten up to grade 12 in Canada. What are they supposed to create? Google Canada’s logo, based on the theme of invention. (The winning logo will be featured on Google’s homepage for 24 hours.) Cool, huh?

Even cooler is the $10,00 scholarship, Google Chromebook, and $10,000 grant to their current school along with a trip to Toronto to view a special exhibition of the top doodles at the Royal Ontario Museum in 2014 as the grand prize! The contest ends on December 31st, plenty of time to still get in on this!

Now, in case you’re thinking that a contest open to such a wide age bracket isn’t very fair, fear not! Google has broken the competition down quite nicely into age/grade categories and a comprehensive, staged judging process. See all the details here. And the guest judges? I’m totally partial to one particular person in the trio, Chris Hadfield. An astronaut and former Commander of the International Space Station, he is also a folk musician. (You know, on his ‘down-time.’) One whom Wyndham’s grandfather has worked with on several projects including this super cool one!

Needless to say, this is a neat project to get your little ones in on, even toddlers in kindergarten. Present this to your child’s teacher, or the parent council for the whole school, or just submit from home. It will be fun to check in on the stages of judging with your toddler. I think (again, totally partial) that Wyndham has a natural flair and talent for doodling. I can’t wait to see what he creates for the competition! Below is a little sampling of his personal style, complete with titles and descriptions he helped me come up with the other night. He thought it was really neat that we were ‘naming’ his drawings and giving them a little story! Something I plan on doing with choice pieces that both he and his sister create from now on, to add to our growing collection that gets displayed in their playroom.

  • Gearing Up… 1 of 9

    Click through to check out some of Wyndham's favourite pieces that he's done. He's totally ready to compete, right?

  • ‘Camping’ 2 of 9

    "That's our tent with the beach, mom. Remember?" (We totally didn't camp right on the beach this past summer, but if he wants to remember it that way, I call that WINNING.)

  • ‘Dog Store’ 3 of 9

    "Can we go look at dogs again? And bring one home this time? It can sleep with me ..." (and various other thoughts were expressed about what this drawing meant, all based around getting a dog. Interesting. Also, help.) 

  • ‘Trucks’ 4 of 9

    "I was gonna draw trucks, but then the swirly for the wheels got too hard and I can't do a digger. Mama, can you help me do a digger?" Yep, swirls are hard. Even though he can totally do circles, which I tried explaining to him, but apparently it's VERY different.

  • ‘Just a Drawing’ 5 of 9

    "That's it, Mom. You're there, so is Abby and Dad, and I like pastels. But not the chalk kind, the oil ones." Ah, my little mixed-media artist.

  • ‘Stairs’ 6 of 9

    "This is the stairs at our house to go downstairs for Hot Wheels, and that's me. You know that mom." I know what? "You know we put the Christmas decorations under the stairs." Uhm, yes, we do, random boy.

  • ‘Hand Flowers’ 7 of 9

    "I remember I made this for you for Mother's Day. You love it, right mama?" Yes, my boy, yes I surely do. (Big sloppy kisses, tight hugs, belly nomming.)

  • ‘Santa Letter’ 8 of 9

    "I thought Santa would like me to show him pictures of what I want for Christmas, mama." Yes, Wyndham, nicely done. But you already have a scooter that we just bought you in the fall. As for drums...great idea! (Dying inside.) "Oh yea!" (Palm ---> forehead, about the scooter.) "But my scooter isn't like Jude's..." (and so it begins...)

  • In Slightly Related News… 9 of 9
    In Slightly Related News...

    Two things. I recently discovered that under-the-bed storage for our kiddos' artwork proves to be genius! Or something. At any rate, these two canvas bins with clear windows serve a great purpose and if you hoard (or want to hoard), your kids' artwork like me, I thought this tip might come in handy for you. I like to keep it all in these bins and switch out the artwork we display around the house every so often.


    Also? Have you discovered the awesomeness that is the journal, My Quotable Kid? My neighbour turned me on to this journal in which you can write in the silly, cute, charming, and funny things your toddlers say, and I'm hooked! Many a conversation with Wyndham (and now Abby, as her vocabulary grows), are worth documenting — the stuff they come up with at this age is priceless! Kind of like Wyndham's titles and descriptions of his doodles.


    Purchase My Quotable Kid via Amazon, $10.23


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