Early Mornings: Photo Shoot

This past NYE, don’t be thinking I dress like this regularly…(photo credit: Jodie Rochemont)

It’s a rare opportunity that I have to snap a few pictures of my little ones where the light is good, they stay still for a more than a nano-second, and they have some fun posing for the lens.

The problem for me is that I’ve grown far too comfortable with my iPhone and rarely ever pull out my Canon any more.

This is a travesty. It used to be my number one accessory, if not on me than close by on the dining room table, the kitchen island, my bedroom dresser – always within arm’s reach.

How could I have put aside something I truly love? Convenience, it would seem, wins out out in the end. I’m far from a professional photographer; I’m an aspiring hobbyist at best.

I used to spend hours looking over photography blogs, manuals, tips and how-to guides to continue teaching myself about photography. Lately, that all dropped by the wayside and I miss it–not only taking quality photos of my family, but of the world around me.

My favourite type of photography is natural light, candid portraiture. I detest flash.

There’s no better time of day for a photo shoot than the early morning or sun-drenched late afternoon/early evening. That is why I’m pretty pleased with the little round of shots I got this morning, even though they were taken with my lowly iPhone. It’s a love/hate relationship I have with using it so much for my photo-taking, which is what booted me into signing up for a photography course at the local college.

Yep, that’s right – it’s back to school for me! Digital photography, Photoshop and Lightroom learning, here I come! Yay for continuing education, and yay for me. I know, I’m so old school. I’m sure there are a ton of online courses I could take, but I’m a visual learner when it comes to these things, and I have a feeling that getting out of the house more may do me a world of good.

Until then…feel free to swoon over this darling little set of my sibling toddlers this morning, in all of their charming glory.

  • No Face 1 of 7
    No Face
    These days, this saucy little girl's favourite word is no, usually said as a trio, in a sing-song voice, "NOnoNo". She sounds kind of like a cat meowing. Or drowning. Either way it's cute, which I am sure will get really old, really fast.
  • Always the Flirt 2 of 7
    Always the Flirt
    It's just a natural part of his swagger it would seem. The other night I watched him in his full glory with his (much older) crush. I watched him dote on her and act way more mature than he usually does with us in her company. He kept telling her she was a woman (which was correct, but he way in which he said it? JUST STOP.) He also told her she should probably just sleep over, since Daddy was gone. Very matter-of-factly while shaking his head assuredly, face inches from hers while sitting on her hand. More on that later.
  • Speaking is Her Glory 3 of 7
    Speaking is Her Glory
    Ask her to talk and challenge her with new words and she's in toddler-heaven. She will sit happily trying to pronounce words for almost as long as she dotes on her baby dolls. Almost.
  • Told Ya… 4 of 7
    Told Ya...
    Clearly, I'm not the partial mama over here. Boy has C H A R I S M A.
  • Little Fashionista 5 of 7
    Little Fashionista
    I used to be the one to pick out all of her clothes, at the store and at home. Now - it's mostly her, straight up. Our morning routine consists of much anticipation and glee over what outfit she is going to pick out with me. She always picks 2 out of 3 articles and will sometimes shake and squiggle defiantly over a choice of mine, or agree whole-heartedly while fawning over and petting articles of clothing. Ultimately, I go with what she likes. So far heavy loves are tutus, hearts, owls, minnie mouse, turtles, red, pink and turquoise/mint.
  • Chatterbox 6 of 7
    Child WILL talk your ear off. I love every moment of it - which, again - may get old as soon as, "Why?" gets inserted into everything, but we're not there yet.
  • Collagio 7 of 7
    Because I couldn't help myself. You're welcome internets.


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