Elmo Encourages Toddlers to Put Down the Pacifier

Join Elmo on November 4th!

Do you have a toddler that is still holding on to their pacifier? I know it was a complete pain in the ass to wrestle it away from my two boys when the time came.

Our oldest clung on to the thing till he was almost three-years-old, then the Bink Fairy came and took them, right after Christmas. It worked out pretty well.  Overall of course.

But if you are like I was, and desperate for any trick to get rid of the pacifier in your house… you are in luck because Elmo is on board to help you out next week!

On November 4th, Elmo and the rest of the cast over on Sesame Street have dubbed that Friday “put down the pacifier day.”   A great day for those of you looking for help, and starting today, running all week long on Sesame Street they are going to be working on tips and tricks to get your toddler to put down the bink!

Check out the public service announcement that Elmo shared with the world!


How did you dump the bink in your house?