Embracing New Ages and Stages

toddler drinking
Funny guy.

It’s always hard to admit that things are tough when you’re in the moment. I put Cullen to bed on Sunday night, turned to my husband and said, “Man, we had such a good weekend.” And we did – it wasn’t all that busy or adventurous, but it was just…good. Cullen seemed really happy all weekend – he ate well, he played hard, and he snuggled often. And even though he skipped both of his naps, he still managed to stay in a really good mood and made us laugh all weekend long.

Thinking about how much fun we had this weekend, I realized how tough some of the past few weeks (months?) have been. Like I said, it’s hard to see it when you’re in the thick of it, but looking back I can see now that the 16-17 month age was really tough for us. Cullen is showing more and more independence each day, which is met by a lot of frustration since he’s still working on building his language and communication. For weeks on end I felt like we battled all day long – he is incredibly stubborn and strong-willed, and the constant battles and tantrums were really draining.

And here we are at 18-months, and I feel like a cloud has been lifted. He seems happy again, more like himself. No doubt much of this comes from his increasing vocabulary and understanding of the world around him. He’s growing up quickly, and he’s realizing it just as we are. It’s so nice to see his little personality coming out. I’m amazed that someone so small can make me laugh so much.

I’m going to try to hold onto this age and this feeling in my mind, and remember this good stage when the next frustrating one inevitably comes along. I know he will continue to change and grow, and with that will bring good changes along with new challenges. It’s easy to get bogged down in what feels like a never-ending cycle of gloom, but I have to remember to embrace each new stage and age as it comes, for the next one is always just around the corner.